Brand identity uniting Asian American students across the country.

MAASU stands for the Midwest Asian American Students Union, a network that connects hundreds of college students looking to evoke social awareness across the country. They approached me for a logo redesign to represent a transition of leadership. This project was done remotely, with the project manager based in Ohio while I was based in Chicago at the time.

In order to facilitate an efficient back and forth, we collaborated on a design brief together. The below answer in the brief sparked my research into strong imagery and an exploration of symbols that represent change.

Q: What is the overall mood you would like your new logo to project?

A: The mood of the logo should reflect strength and unity.
MAASU was founded in order to create a space for dialogue across the midwest, and to represent the often fractured voices of the midwest Asian American community. Thus, we would like a "strong" design.

Visual Exploration

Winning Logo

After presenting the possible logos to MAASU's council, the Triskelion-A logo was voted as the official MAASU logo. This version balances a Triskelion inserted in the center 'A', supported by a fire-red bar.

Follow-up Mocks